Formed in 2014, Salish Sea Productions was created as a response to a need in the community for better communication among grassroots Indigenous organizations, community members, NGOs and government entities as they work together towards achieving meaningful reconciliation.


Social change and personal growth is at the heart of everything we do. By exploring complex patterns in our culture through compelling storytelling, inquiry, dialogue and creative exploration, we seek to expand perspectives on all levels - political, social, and ecological - and from that place of expansion motivate positive action.  


We are strategists, communicators, activists, artists, academics, facilitators, connectors, and educators, who have come together with a shared vision, understanding, and appreciation of life and the art of living. 

Both individually and collectively we have left our traditional understanding of success, challenged perceptions of what ‘is best for us’ and shifted our consciousness to a more aligned authentic notion of self and being.


As artists, we see ourselves connected to the greater web of life. We are not separate, divided or exclusive. We believe in life, in the fulfillment of our potential. We want to serve as supporters and visionaries. We believe that compassion is strength in action, not weakness. We believe we have to reconcile our differences, to truly understand ourselves as human beings.