Salish Sea Productions co-created Reconciliation in Action with Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society (ALIVE), Our Place and Raycam Community Centre. The intention of Reconciliation in Action is to shine a spotlight on the importance of PEOPLE, PLACE and POLICY in meaningful community engagement and development supporting grounded reconciliation. It recognizes that reconciliation with the past and building a healthy, sustainable future for the community requires all parts of our community (Indigenous and non- Indigenous) to be involved.

This is not a new process, in that, Indigenous people have been leading the way for reconciliation through transformative learning and positive change as we build more inclusive and reflective communities. 


Salish Sea Productions is working closely with the Network of Inner City Community Services Society and Community Response Network in their grassroots efforts to engage elders in the Vancouver community by connecting them with social opportunities and creating more inclusive spaces & programs.


Our Place, Our Children explores Caprice Lecoy’s personal reflections after surviving a suicide pact in 2012 at the age of 15. Salish Sea Productions worked in close collaboration with Caprice to create the video which was used as a powerful educational tool as the family presented various talks, lectures and screenings promoting well-being among vulnerable and at-risk youth in various urban downtown and First Nations reservation communities.


Public transit service levels in the Metro Vancouver area have remained practically unchanged over the past seven years. In that same period demand has soared. Extreme overcrowding has eroded reliability and safety, especially for those with disabilities or frailties. HandyDART service is limited and has seen an eight-fold increase in trip denials in only the last four years.

A City on the Move was created in collaboration with Metro Vancouver Alliance and used as a campaign tool during the March 2014 region-wide referendum to determine how to fund the Mayors’ Council transit plan. 


R.I.S.E evolved out of ALIVE's Gen 7 Aboriginal Youth Role Model Program, and is currently delivered in 5 local Community Centres as a partnership between ALIVE, the Vancouver Parks Board and the MoreSport YELL Program.

Leaders are selected based on their demonstrated community leadership, background in arts/culture/recreation and experience working with youth. RISE is one piece of ALIVE’s Reconciliation in Action Strategy.