Universe, Universe: The Awe and Reverence Tour

Photo credit: Dana Wilson

Universe Universe: The Awe and Reverence Tour (U/U) weaves creation stories, indigenous knowledge, and ways of being from around the world with the contemporary cosmological story of the 14 billion-year-old universe.  

Beauty and creativity surround us - peacocks and amethysts, thunderstorms and slugs, lilacs and humans. We are integral to the whole. How do we recognize and honour our part in this wild spiralling unfolding? Evolutionary cosmologist Brian Swimme states in The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, “The human is the space created in the universe process for hearing and celebrating the stories of the universe that fill the universe.” It is through us that the universe becomes aware of itself. This is the starting point for U/U.

U/U will create a safe-enough space to explore how human and more-than-human live together, a space which celebrates the magnificent intelligence of the universe, and a space that invites people to activate their creativity. Through this, U/U seeks to encourage long-term social change as well as a desire for connection to the land.

Imagine a venue bursting with handmade colourful flags celebrating animals, plants, and sacred symbols. You are greeted and welcomed into to the Lodge of all Beings. 

This lodge is part of an installation we will build with community through: a series of inter-generational cross-cultural storytelling circles; community art-making and mentorship weekends; and a collaboration with professional artists.  

Photo credit:  Dana Wilson

The storytelling circles will bring youth and elders together around the hearth to learn, hear, and share creation stories from this territory, from around the world, from our own lives, and from the universe.

The inter-generational art-making weekend workshops will be co-facilitated by the Anishnabe, Finnish, Irish, and English artist Hazel Bell-Koski together with several professional artists. Workshops will include prayer flag making, film-making and projection, collective creative theatre, spoken word poetry, shadow puppetry, and mural painting.  

U/U embodies modern and ancient technology, while offering diverse interactions of dialogue, transformative learning, mentorship, and celebration within the context of deep ecology. At this intersection of spirit, science, and co-creation, where evolution and innovation take place with crackling energy, it is the intention to frame a methodology for facilitating inter-arts events which supports a deepening awareness of our place in the bigger story, and comprehension of what it means to be the Awakened Universe.