This is Not a Conversation, 2016 

Photo credit: Natasha Wheatley


This is Not a Conversation is the newest production by Elbow Theatre, created in association with director Ker Wells from Hopscotch and Salish Sea Productions.  The play follows a passionate and combative conversation between Canadian citizens Itai Erdal, a former Israeli soldier, and Dima Alansari, a Palestinian who has never been to Palestine. Together they explore their ideas about the Occupied Territories and their own personal connections to the continuing conflict in the region.

In May 2016 a short workshop of This is Not A Conversation will take place at the NACL Theatre in Highland Lake, NY. This Is Not will officially premiere at Victoria's Spark Festival followed by presentations at IMPACT Festival 2017 (Kitchener) and the Battersea Arts Centre in London.

Watch the trailer here from Elbow Theatre.

Return Home, 2015 

Photo credit: Patricia Marcoccia


Return Home is an interdisciplinary performance exploring the story of two woman as they struggle with issues of identity while living in diaspora and dislocation. 

 The two figures central to the narrative are played by Emilie Monnet, an Anishnaabe Indigenous woman from Quebec living under the legacy of colonization, and Dima Al Ansari, an indigenous woman to Palestine living in exile. Joining the characters on their journey is the Raven, a bringer of magic and transformation played by dancer and choreographer Carlos Rivera, an Indigenous Mixteco from Mexico. 

Return Home was presented at the prestigious Summerworks Festival (Toronto, 2015) and IMPACT Festival (Kitchener, 2015). Read a review here from Now Toronto.